Jim Jackson Launches Membership-based Website

Posted by Jim Jackson on Mon, Aug 08, 2011 @ 06:08 AM
New Membership Website Offers Proven Techniques & Strategies for Achieving Greater Success!

Jim Jackson is pleased to announce the launch of his newJim Jackson Motivational Speaker Executive Coach national membership-based website to empower business leaders and individuals to achieve greater success in self-development, personal wealth, sales, business, leadership, and other areas.

This dynamic website offers articles, audio lessons, webinars and other tested and proven materials to aid those seeking concrete steps to set and achieve their goals.

Membership Benefits Include Tools for:

• Creating greater personal happiness and success in life

• Setting and achieving life long personal goals 

• Developing leadership qualities and management skills

• Managing and living by personal goals and objectives

• Motivating others and leading teams

• Identifying and capitalizing on business opportunities 

• Creating & implementing an effective business strategy

Members also enjoy special offers and exclusive discounts on a wide range of other related products and services.

Jim is thrilled to share his ability to connect with business leaders and individuals -- and support and inspire their growth and success.

“Helping others succeed and achieve their goals has been my passion for more than 30 years,” said Jackson, “I am thrilled to have a platform where I can share all my valuable tools and proven methods with those who want to achieve greater success in their lives. I know that individuals across the country will benefit from the resources I’m able to provide…”

Membership opportunities are offered at two levels. Complete details are available on the site.