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Keynote Speaker, Jim Jackson, at the Las Vegas Speedway...

Posted by Jim Jackson on Wed, May, 26, 2010 @ 02:05 AM


Three keys to hiring a keynote speaker.

It is the week before the great Indy 500 and I was explaining to a prospective client who wanted to book me as a motivational speaker here in Las Vegas that there are three keys to hiring a great keynote speaker. I explained to her that hiring the right keynote speaker is like riding in an Indy race cars.

What really made me think of this was I had the opportunity to ride in an Indy car at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway a few weeks back. I realized there were three things that had to happen for me to walk away feeling like it was a great experience. First it had to be fun. In others words it had to be high energy. Second it had to be educational. I needed to learn how the car and driver worked to create a great experience. Third, it needed to be inspiring to go 170 miles while someone else was driving, talk about trust!

All three of these happened to me and they are much like hiring a keynote speaker for your convention or business meeting. When you hire a keynote speaker they need to be entertaining, educational and motivating. I was thinking about this at the track so I shot a video. Tell me what you think.

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