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Motivational Speaker Showcase

Posted by Jim Jackson on Fri, Jul, 24, 2009 @ 08:07 AM

As a speaker any time you are asked to speak for a fee it is for me a very humbling experience. I am asked to bring my knowledge, stories and tools to participants to apply to their lives both personally and professionally. While inspiring them to go where they didn’t think they could go plus remove any road blocks. It is a responsibility I take very seriously. My own values demand that I give more than they expected.

This past June I was asked by Five Star Speakers to represent part of my keynote at two different showcases. The first was in Dallas and the second in Atlanta. For those of you who do not know what a showcase is, it is an event where 15 speakers have 20 minutes to present a sample of their keynote to 100 meeting planners and perspective buyers of keynote speakers. This was for me an honor to be asked to share the stage with other famous speakers. I was next to last on the first event in Dallas where I watched some very talented people. By the time my opportunity to present had arrived I was humbled to present to 100 select buyers and humbled to share the stage with dynamic talent. I did a great job and received very positive feedback. I just received the link to watch the video on my link is so you can experience 20 minutes of my keynote.

Here is what I learned. First have confidence in who you are and what you believe. Second, know your material because the ones I liked were confident and polished making me want to book them as a speaker and I don’t book speakers. The bottom line lesson; be confident and know your material with passion and if you do this you will be great at whatever you do.


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