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BREATHE: Seven Keys to Prosper in Any Economy

It's easy to get discouraged in today's uncertain and challenging times. But, years of research reveals owners and managers of top performing businesses consistently excel despite economic uncertainty or any other difficult challenges -- for the same key reasons

Master these proven principles and get ready to tap new levels of confidence and energy that will unleash your full potential and maximize your performance in any market environment no matter what challenges you face!

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The BREATHE© Keynote presentation and Breakout sessions are designed to empower you and your managers with the same tenets shared by the world's top performers -- and the knowledge and skills to put them to work immediately!

Discover the power to achieve more -- whether times are tough or not -- and learn how you can put the best practices of top performers into action for your business.

Learn the Secrets to Winning in Any Economy!

The BREATHE© workshop doesn't just tell you that "anyone can do anything if they set their mind to it," it provides real tools, powerful anecdotes, and a step-by-step path to achieving your goals.

So what do top performers have in common that enables them to thrive despite all obstacles? The answer is BREATHE©: a set of habits, attitudes, beliefs and expectations that empower top performers to be effective no matter what difficulties arise.

The BREATHE© methodology will teach you these keys to success:

  • Belief in Yourself -- How to build your confidence;
  • Remove the Distractions -- How to focus your energy;
  • Embrace Change -- How to make and accept change;
  • Action Daily -- Actions to take each day;
  • Think Outcomes -- The power of focusing on outcomes, not goals;
  • Habit of Positive Energy -- How to put HOPE into everything you do; and, 
  • Expect the Best -- How to turn high expectations into reality.

Jim Jackson's penetrating insights and invaluable experiential learning techniques make it easy for you and your managers to put these powerful keys to success into action before you even leave the Workshop! You won't believe the difference a day makes!

This program can be delivered as a Keynote Presentation or as an ‘unplugged' breakout session, giving participants the opportunity to discuss the challenges of today's economy and how to maintain a positive mental attitude no matter what the environment.


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Fueled by more than 30 years of executive leadership experience -- including achievements as a cognitive science management consultant for the Pacific Institute and as President of the Temecula Creek Learning Center -- Jim Jackson is a proven business performance improvement expert, with a track record of outstanding results.  Learn more about Jim Jackson here.

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The BREATHE© Workshop can be customized to meet your specific organizational needs.  Contact us today to learn how Jim Jackson can put together a winning program for your team!

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