The Awesome Power of the Harley Attitude!

Sales Motivation Workshop - Choose the event that's right for your team:

•1.       The Harley Extravaganza with a Motorcycle Opening

This full-throttle event thrills the senses from the first engine roar. Jim rides a very cool and very loud, Harley Davidson bike into the room and onto the stage. The motorcycle theme encompasses the entire audience as everyone (including Jim!) is dressed in their favorite "biker" gear of leather, jeans, bandanas, sunglasses and of course, "tattoos!" Music is jamming and people are rocking with excitement - they're ready to hear & embrace the Harley Attitude!

•2.       The Harley Experience with a Video Opening

This event hits right to the redline of excitement by starting with a video opening that engages and intrigues the audience. The video features Jim riding his Harley motorcycle (dressed in jeans and his leather jacket) while jamming to "Born to Be Wild." It appears in the video that he drives up to the event site, gets off his bike and enters the building. We see him walking down a hallway looking for the entrance to the meeting room and the camera follows him to the doorway of the event. The video cuts to show him "live" running into the room and onto the stage, completing the effect. The audience thinks it's all in real-time (think David Letterman or Tonight Show) and are laughing and jamming to the music... getting fired up for the Harley Attitude! (Audience can be business casual, but wear sunglasses & bandanas to help set the mood.)

•3.       The Harley Spirit with a Movie Opening

This event is the perfect blend of a traditional conference infused with the energy of the Harley Attitude. Dressed in slacks and his leather jacket, Jim walks on stage to the hilarious opening scene from "Wild Hogs," the motorcycle movie starring John Travolta, Tim Allen, Martin Lawrence and William H. Macy. The clip begins with the four guys coming together to ride their motorcycles and concludes with an uproarious scene that kicks off the event with wild laughter and energy... gearing up the audience for the Harley Attitude.

All three options deliver a fun, energetic and enthusiastic presentation for your event. Jim's leadership and sales message is the same in all three versions - delivering impactful, engaging, and insightful strategies that can be implemented immediately! Simply choose which format works best for your situation. From the first rev of the throttle, the audience is excited to be part of something big. No matter which version you choose, it is truly Jim's amazing message that will resonate with your team as they seize the opportunities of the Harley Attitude. Call today to get your team running on the open road to success with... The Awesome Power of the Harley Attitude!