Experiential Learning

Activities for Rapid, Impactful Learning 

A critical element of Temecula Creek Learning Center's success is experience-based learning which utilizes structured indoor and outdoor training as metaphors.  These action-based activities promote rapid, profound learning by stimulating original thinking and expanding a wide range of cognitive strategies and perceptual skills.  Experiential learning events are designed to address the personalized needs of each company or organization.

So how exactly does it work?  ‘Action learning' or experience-based learning guides participants through a discovery process that facilitates internationalization and understanding of the real world application of skills that are characteristic of dynamic, creative and successful teamwork.  The learning situation challenges participants to expand their natural abilities and develop new leadership and communication skills.

In an environment that's both exhilarating and supportive, action learning presents challenges that produce rapid and profound learning experiences.  Participants discover that the support and reliance developed through effective teaming is a powerful source for the creativity and confidence necessary to undertake and master tasks that were previously left for someone else.  

Working together, participants practice cooperation and mutual support and learn that the success of the company is dependent on the success of the team.

Who Should Attend?

These customized courses are recommended for organizations who understand that the new and advanced skills in teaming, collaboration, communication and leadership are required to not only solidify their current position but to expand their market share well into the next millennium.

What are the Outcomes?

  • Develop self-assured, cohesive teams comprised of individuals who know they can work together to succeed.
  • Improve team strategies and communication to increase collaboration and problem-solving.
  • Set ambitious goals and confidently go out and achieve them - with measurable and quantifiable results.
  • Improve working culture environment by enhancing communication, collaboration, and problem solving skills.

Proven Success

Temecula Creek Learning Center (TCLC) utilizes action learning specifically to improve collaboration and create high-performance teams. Founder and President, Jim Jackson consults with Fortune 500 executives, government leaders, and private businesses around the world, delivering customized programs that have helped thousands of people solve specific problems with innovative solutions.

Experiential Learning Program Highlights!

  • Building an Effective Team: Create a collaborative work environment.
  • Problem Solving: Utilize advanced computerized tools to register, analyze and modify group interactions.
  • Partnering: Build and strengthen relationships, both internally and externally.
  • Strategic Planning: Expand vision and strategies to achieve objectives.
  • Excellence in Customer Service: Develop employee excellence, integrity, and commitment.
  • Organizational Development: Strengthen corporate culture and improve performance.
  • Leadership Development: Enhance dynamic leadership qualities.
  • Sales Development: Re-engineer the sales process for increased revenue.

Our mission is to provide innovative and stimulating learning experiences that allow individuals and organizations to more effectively respond to the ever-changing market.  We provide and design a variety of workshops that can be set up as half-day, 1-5 full day workshops or guest speaking engagements.  these programs are customized to best benefit your particular group and can be performed at any facility where you are meeting.