One-On-One-Coaching – for C-Level Executives

Learn the Secret of Top Performers:  Your Best Coach is... You!  

What do top leaders have in common?  They have a passion to succeed, a need to achieve the very best, and a drive to continually reach for higher levels of accomplishment. 

But despite the desire to perform, there are any number of obstacles that can get in your way - real or imagined - that can slow you down and limit what you achieve.  Professional executive coaching is your key to breaking through these barriers with confidence, strength and certainty. 

With Jim's One-On-One-Coaching, you'll begin by examining exactly what it is you wish to achieve.  Jim will help you understand how to use your purpose, vision and values to create action maps that will take you to your goals -- and create fulfillment, balance and meaning in your life.

Next you'll learn how you can incorporate these powerful, expert coaching practices into your own leadership skill-set, enabling you to coach others on your team to achieve their best and outperform expectations.

Jim's Step-by-Step Process Will Help You:

  • Drive your own success by truly taking charge of your life and becoming your own best coach.
  • Build confidence and bring meaning and purpose to each and every day.
  • Create roadmaps to succeed based on your personal vision and values - the things that matter most in your life.
  • Apply powerful, proven tools and strategies to overcome the obstacles that keep you from reaching your goals.

Program Components Include:

  • Leadership Assessment (includes peer assessment and direct report feedback)
  • Success Roadmap/GPS (Go! Prosper! Succeed!)
  • Two 60-minute calls per month
  • 24/7 Emergency Service

Gain the invaluable perspective a professional Leadership Assessment provides and discover how you can tap new levels of confidence and energy with Jim Jackson as your mentor, sounding board and personal leadership coach!

Learn from a Top Business Coach!

Fueled by more than 30 years of executive leadership and coaching experience -- including achievements as a cognitive science management consultant for the Pacific Institute and as President of the Temecula Creek Learning Center - Jim Jackson is a proven leadership expert, with a track record of outstanding results.  Learn more about Jim Jackson here.

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